Inoka Jayaweera

Inoka Jayaweera

This project involved conducting extensive research on how an object is circulated, studied, regulated, and embedded in the world. The object that we were assigned by our professor was a sex doll, and we were asked to demonstrate our research through a mind map.

When I began "The Implosion Project," my knowledge of sex dolls was quite limited. However, I discovered through my research that the most popular sex doll brand in Japan did not specialize in making dolls with AI. The Japanese company, Orient Industry, was very adamant about the fact that they made Love dolls, not robots.

As a group, we mutually decided to implode a sex doll from the company, Orient Industry, because we wanted to not only focus on Japan, but also explore the influence which Japanese culture has in the creation of these dolls.

  • Mind Map

  • For Feminist Science Studies and Sociobiology Course

  • Date April 2018

  • Type Research

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